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We understand how frustrating foot pain can be. Whether it be heel pain, ingrown toenails, forefoot pain, or painful corns/callus, we can help you! We use the latest technologies and techniques to get you back on your feet. 

Paediatric Foot Care

Children’s feet are very different to adult feet. They are softer and more flexible than adults feet and no child should be in pain. Our podiatrist can assess, give advice and provide treatment on a wide range of paediatric foot problems. 

3D Scanning

We use the latest scanning technology to capture an accurate representation of the foot so that foot orthoses are comfortable and fit your foot properly.

Routine Foot Care

Podiatrists are able to painlessly remove callus, corn and ingrown toenails and implement strategies to prevent recurrence. We also treat conditions such as warts, fungal and thickened nails, tinea and blisters.

Diabetic Footcare

When blood sugars are high or uncontrolled, damage to nerve endings can occur. Circulation to the feet can also be reduced. If you have diabetes, it is recommended that you see a podiatrist regularly for an annual diabetes foot assessment. 

Kids In Sport

At Corowa Podiatry, we believe it is vital to keep our kids healthy and active. All children develop at different rates and ages and can go through periods of foot pain. We can help them get back to living an active lifestyle. 

Nail Surgery

There are a few reasons why a toenail might become problematic, these include trauma, poor fitting footwear, genetics and poor cutting of nails. A partial or total nail avulsion procedure is a very common treatment method for those with chronic, painful toenails and is performed under local anaesthetic by a podiatrist.   


Corowa Podiatry

Looking After Your Health

When it comes to looking after your health, it is easy to forget about your feet. Podiatrists are university trained health professionals that diagnose, treat and manage foot and ankle pain. The world of Podiatry is continuing to evolve and we pride ourselves on using innovative, evidence-based approaches to treat foot pain. We see so often that foot health is neglected and it is our job to help you get back on your feet.

Corowa Podiatry is a local foot clinic on the NSW/VIC border and was established in 2020. Sharni is a local podiatrist who has always dreamed of having her own foot clinic here in her hometown. Increasing the accessibility of podiatry within the community was one of Sharni’s main focuses and was the forefront of her vision when she opened the clinic in 2020. Corowa Podiatry participates in clinical mentoring and continued professional development so our podiatrists can give you the best, most up to date services and treatments. We value a holistic approach to health and work very closely with other fantastic health professionals including general practitioners, osteopaths, physiotherapists and myotherapists.


“I highly recommend Sharni, she is very caring and extremely professional. Excellent service and a very hygienic consulting room. Thanks Sharni.” Kathy D.

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