Sharni O’Donoghue

Corowa Podiatry

Your Feet Are My Priority

I worry about your feet so you don’t have to

“I’ve always wanted to work in the health industry – it was a given very early on in my life. And if you ask any health professional, whether it be a nurse or doctor they do what they do, it’s because we want to be able to help people. Adequate foot health is so important, it allows us to reach our goals. I enjoy the interaction with people and being able to improve peoples quality of life.”


Heal pain, diabetes & your feet, foot pain in children, ingrown toenails, nail & skin problems, bunions, forefoot pain, chillblains, 3D scanning, orthotics, footwear advice, nail surgery, blister management and more.

Childrens Foot Care

Flat Feet

Growing Pains

Club Foot

Foot Care



Heel & Arch Pain

AChilles Tendon Pain

Knee Pain

Sore/Aching Feet & Calves

Pesisten Corn & Callus

Sports Injury

Heel Spur

Plantar Fascitis

Shin Splints

Knee Pain

Running Injuries

Don’t let foot pain stop you doing the activities you love!

Happy Clients

“Highly recommend Sharni, she is very caring and extremely professional. Excellent service and A very hygienic consulting room. Thanks Sharni.” 
Kathy Doering
“Sharni was brilliant with my daughter who has complex medical conditions, definitely highly recommend to anyone.” 
Jacqui Kuschert
Absolutely, we have had nothing but trouble with my sons ingrown toenails and today Sharni removed them. Such a kind, caring person, thankyou Sharni, we will be back xx.” 
Tanya Bruce