Prevention is the best cure when it comes to caring for your feet with diabetes, and regular podiatry visits are essential.


Diabetes Foot Care 

Diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system. Diabetes affects up to 1.7 million people in Australia – and every year there are more than 27,600 hospital admissions for diabetes related foot ulcers. It is our role as Podiatrists to assess the neurological and vascular health of your feet, assess your nail and skin condition and provide education about daily foot checks and footwear. When blood sugars are high or uncontrolled, the risk of damage to nerve endings are heightened and circulation to the feet can be reduced. It is also recommended to see a podiatrist regularly if you have diabetes and suffer from blisters, ingrown toenails, callus, corns and broken skin between the toes. Once the annual assessment is completed, we will communicate with your general practitioner or specialist/s and inform them of the results. 

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Diabetes & You


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a complex condition where the body no longer produces or produces insufficient quantities of insulin, resulting in increased sugar (glucose) levels in the blood stream. 

diabetes & your feet

 It is important to look after your feet when you have diabetes.

Diabetes can cause damage to nerves in your feet and can alter blood circulation.

Daily foot care can prevent serious complications. It is important to see your podiatrist for regular care.

Looking after Your Feet

Inspect your feet daily for any visual signs or problems including cuts, redness and redness. 

Wear good fitting footwear.

Have an annual diabetes check up with us.

Avoid barefeet 

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