Podiatrists assess and provide treatment for a wide range of skin and nail problems.  


General Foot Care

Podiatrists are professionals in skin and nail care of the feet. This includes cutting tricky toenails and treating minor ingrown toenails, removing corns and callus and treating conditions such as warts, fungal and thickened nails, tinea, dry cracked heels and blisters. Your podiatrist will assess the presenting condition, treat the problem area and provide education about prevention.

Corns and Callus
Corns and callus are one of the most common presenting complaints. A corn or callus is an area of hard, thickened skin that is formed due to pressure. They are common under the ball of the foot, tips of toes, between toes and overlying bony areas. Treatment includes reduction through sharp debridement, footwear modifications/advice and padding and offloading.

Warts (Papilloma or Verrucae)
Plantar warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which can occur on the toes or soles of the foot. They can be longstanding or present very suddenly – some resolving in weeks or years. If the plantar warts started to spread or become painful, podiatrists can provide assessment and treatment. It is important that they are diagnosed correctly so the right treatment plan can be put into place.

Fungal toenails
Fungal toenails (onychomycosis) are a common condition we treat here at Corowa Podiatry. People are often embarrassed about the colour (yellow/brown), shape or thickness of the nail and they can become painful. Fungus of the nail causes up to 50% of all nails problems. If you suffer with thickened, flaky or unsightly nails and aren’t sure if fungus is present, please contact your podiatrist.

A partial or total nail avulsion procedure is a very common treatment method for ingrowing, painful toenails. It is performed by a podiatrist under local anaesthetic and is a great option for those who have had multiple infected toenails in the past. The troublesome edge is removed and we apply phenol to the nail bed to prevent the nail from re-growing. The procedure is minor, with little pain and recovery time is quick. Great option for those persistent, painful nails!


We Cover a Range Of Foot Issues

As passionate and professional podiatrists, our goal is to see you pain free, with happy and healthy feet.

We help people of all age groups with a varirty of foot issues, including elderly patients, those seeking footwear advice and those with biomechanical foot issues.

No referral is needed to see us.

Aged Foot Care

At Corowa Podiatry we provide a gentle & in-depth service for our elderly patients to help improve their quality of life through mobility & comfort. Have a loved one that can’t reach us? We offer home visits and always enjoy going to visit them in their home. Please contact us if you require this.

Footwear Advice

Supportive & correct footwear is essential for all feet at all stages of life. We can help recommend the right type of footwear for any foot issues, your activities & for different ages.


Foot orthoses are designed and prescribed by podiatrists to offload tissues that are under excessive stress. They are an adjunct therapy that allow for pain reduction, improved function and better quality of life and can often get back you into the activities you love. 


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